The 7 Highest summits in the world

The Seven Summits challenge sees climbers tackle the world’s highest peaks located on each of the 7 continents, and is a major mountaineering achievement. Nick has already completed the challenge, finishing on the summit of Mount Everest at the end of May 2019. Being a qualified International Mountain Leader, he and his local guide Pemba were among the first to summit Everest in the season. Because of his experience and good condition he managed to capture rare footage of his summit attempt, which was later published by media channels around the globe.

Skiing to the north and south poles

The North and South Poles are still one of the frontiers of major expedition. The extreme conditions make them a monumental challenge and an extreme physical and mental challenge. Nick will be skiing the North Pole Final Degree and the South Pole full route. When he’s finished he’ll be the 4th British person to have ever completed the 3 Poles, which includes Mount Everest. Nick will be taking footage of the challenge to distribute to the media, and he will also be sending regular social media updates via a Sat-Phone so followers can stay up to date with his polar progress.

The world's toughest ocean row

The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge is known as the world’s toughest row, and has become the world’s most anticipated ocean rowing event. The challenge takes more than 3000 Miles, starting from the Canary Islands and finishing in Antigua & Barbuda. It involves a relentless cycle of rowing for 2 hours, and sleeping for 2 hours, constantly, 24 hours a day. Rowers burn in excess of 5,000 calories per day and lose 12kg on average during the crossing! It’s a highly publicised event, and the race organisers employ a dedicated media team to maximise coverage and exposure around the world with footage, video news reels and photography.