We’re lucky to have some incredible partners on board for the challenges that lie ahead. All our partners are companies and individuals with a conscience, willing to take action in the race against climate change. Thank you to everyone who’s joined us so far on our adventure.

Media Partners

Media Bounty have partnered with 721 Challenge to help boost our reach and our fundraising. They're a creative social media agency with a conscience, based in London, and they passionately believe in protecting our world for future generations. We're really excited to have an award-winning agency on our team.

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Pink Digital work sharing advice and strategic know-how on all things digital. We’re stoked to have Vicky French helping us with our campaign to spread the word about climate change and raise funds for rainforest conservation.

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Nutrition Partner

Hard Bar have partnered with 721 Challenge, providing thousands of calories with their vegan energy bars to fuel Nick though the challenges. Their energy bars are organic, ethically sourced and sustainable - every Hard Bar bought plants a tree. 721 Challenge and Hard Bar share a vision to make a difference and put the planet first.

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Nutrition Partner

Firepot make nutritious and delicious dehydrated meals for outdoor pursuits, hand made in Dorset using only natural ingredients. They have partnered with 721, providing meals for the challenges. Their award-winning range includes vegan, gluten-free meals, compostable packaging, and extra-large portions to serve two.

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Nutrition Partner

Skiing to both poles and rowing the Atlantic ocean is going to be tiring . . . that's where Pact Coffee has come to save the day! They're providing us with their coffee to help us through the long days and chilly mornings. Pact is a coffee company with a conscience, they ethically source coffee from 8+ countries and pay farmers a cut above Fairtrade prices. Their coffee is 100% speciality grade, quality-checked and roasted fresh to order. Lucky us!

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Nutrition Partner

Human Food are the world's first organic daily nutrition bar developed specifically to support a plant-based diet. They’ll be helping us on our mission to complete the 721 challenge with sustainability as a top priority, and as much organic wholefood in our diet as possible. After 4 years of development, guided by world-leading experts in health and nutrition, Human Food was launched in 2018. We’re delighted to be supported by such an innovative company and product.

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Equipment Partner

The 721 team is happy to announce that we have partnered with SIGG who will be helping us with all our hydration needs. SIGG is a Swiss company which champions quality of design in all of their water bottles, which they have been designing and manufacturing since 1908. It's great news for us because our equipment needs to be extremely robust and we're going to get very thirsty!

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Equipment Partner

We have Waterhaul on board, supplying us with their polarised sunglasses to keep our eyesight safe during the challenges. Waterhaul's frames are 100% made from waste fishing nets, which are the most abundant and harmful form of plastic in the ocean. These are retrieved by hand from the Cornish coast and repurposed into eyewear made for ocean adventures. The 721 team think that's pretty amazing.

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Copywriting Partner

Pru Gayton has been a copywriter for over 20 years, successfully running her own freelance business, PAC Copywriting, since 2004. She provides a comprehensive range of writing services in a wide variety of sectors, to suit virtually any marketing medium. The copy she produces includes web content, case studies, blogs, articles, newsletters, product sheets, brochures, direct mail, social media campaigns, PR, award entries, white papers, video scripts and she also offers book writing services.

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Finance Partner

Blue Peak have partnered up with us to help us with all things financial. They're a boutique accounting practice committed to providing expert advice and a high quality service to all their clients from individuals through to multinational corporations. They provide a personal service that takes the hassle out of dealing with taxation and accounting obligations.

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Travel Partner

Go Zero is an electronic taxi service connecting people through sustainable travel. They are extremely passionate about the environment. In fact, that’s why they exist – to help reduce emissions! In addition to using electric cars and charging them with renewable energy, they also contribute and help raise funds for international tree saving projects. We are proud to have Go Zero helping 721 Challenge with travel logistics.

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Want to get involved?

We could always use a helping hand. If you're interested in becoming a part of 721 Challenge please get in touch with us, we want to get as many people involved in climate awareness as possible. Whether you’re interested in fundraising or you'd like to become a partner send us an email.

Send an email to Nick Hollis

Want to get involved?

We could always use a helping hand. If you're interested in 721 Challenge get in touch, we want to get as many people involved in caring for the planet as possible. Whether you want to do some fundraising or you'd like to partner with us talk with us.

Send an email to Nick Hollis