We’re lucky to have some incredible partners on board for the challenges that lie ahead. All our partners are companies and individuals with a conscience, willing to take action in the race against climate change. Thank you to everyone who’s joined us so far on our adventure.

Media Partners

Media Bounty have partnered with 721 Challenge to help boost our reach and our fundraising. They're a creative social media agency with a conscience, based in London, and they passionately believe in protecting our world for future generations. We're really excited to have an award-winning agency on our team.

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Pink Digital work sharing advice and strategic know-how on all things digital. We’re stoked to have Vicky French helping us with our campaign to spread the word about climate change and raise funds for rainforest conservation.

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Nutrition Partner

Hard Bar have partnered with 721 Challenge, providing thousands of calories with their vegan energy bars to fuel Nick though the challenges. Their energy bars are organic, ethically sourced and sustainable - every Hard Bar bought plants a tree. 721 Challenge and Hard Bar share a vision to make a difference and put the planet first.

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Nutrition Partner

Firepot make nutritious and delicious dehydrated meals for outdoor pursuits, hand made in Dorset using only natural ingredients. They have partnered with 721, providing meals for the challenges. Their award-winning range includes vegan, gluten-free meals, compostable packaging, and extra-large portions to serve two.

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Nutrition Partner

Skiing to both poles and rowing the Atlantic ocean is going to be tiring . . . that's where Pact Coffee has come to save the day! They're providing us with their coffee to help us through the long days and chilly mornings. Pact is a coffee company with a conscience, they ethically source coffee from 8+ countries and pay farmers a cut above Fairtrade prices. Their coffee is 100% speciality grade, quality-checked and roasted fresh to order. Lucky us!

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Nutrition Partner

Human Food are the world's first organic daily nutrition bar developed specifically to support a plant-based diet. They’ll be helping us on our mission to complete the 721 challenge with sustainability as a top priority, and as much organic wholefood in our diet as possible. After 4 years of development, guided by world-leading experts in health and nutrition, Human Food was launched in 2018. We’re delighted to be supported by such an innovative company and product.

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Nutrition Partner

Let us introduce Forest Whole Foods, who will be powering us through the Atlantic Crossing! They have made it their mission to provide honest, organic food that doesn’t cost the earth, so people can build themselves and the next generation with honest, healthy food. They also donate a share of their profits to the World Food Programme. 721 Challenge are thrilled to have such a thoughtful, down to earth company on board.

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Nutrition Partner

Discover the power of nature with TENZING: the plant-based, low-calorie and sustainable drink pioneering the new generation of energy. Each can is packed with natural caffeine, vitamin C and electrolytes to create energy that is good for mind, body & the planet (in fact, TENZING is the world's first carbon-negative energy drink). Their recipe was born in the mountains and they're proud to be fuelling Nick to conquer his own Everest... and more!

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Nutrition Partner

Raw Chocolate have set out to make fabulous chocolate. The cacao they use is certified organic and has been minimally processed to keep it as close to the natural state hanging off the tree. This means that their products are vegan and pure, and they also use minimal additional ingredients so that their cocoa can sing out. They want their products to have a positive impact on the world and on the lives of those involved in producing the fabulous ingredients they use.

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Nutrition Partner

The Finest Raw Vegan Chocolate made in the UK, Conscious Chocolate is the original "raw vegan" chocolate, and has been enjoyed throughout the world since 2004. They are conscious of quality and health, without compromising on taste. All of their packaging is plastic-free and their factory is powered by 100% renewable energy — they love the planet as much as they love their chocolate!

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Nutrition Partner

We want to say a huge thank you to Expedition Foods for their incredible contribution to the 721 South Pole Expedition. They provide top quality freeze-dried meals to internationally acclaimed explorers, rowers, sailors, endurance athletes and mountaineers as well as campers, scouts, film crews, military personnel and rescue service teams all over the world. Expedition Foods’ delicious light-weight meals provide the perfect nutrition for a wide range of outdoor pursuits. Check them out for your next trip!

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Equipment Partner

We have Waterhaul on board, supplying us with their polarised sunglasses to keep our eyesight safe during the challenges. Waterhaul's frames are 100% made from waste fishing nets, which are the most abundant and harmful form of plastic in the ocean. These are retrieved by hand from the Cornish coast and repurposed into eyewear made for ocean adventures. The 721 team think that's pretty amazing.

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Equipment Partner

Absolutely Bear is an ethical and sustainable men's clothing brand on a mission to help urbanites reconnect with their natural roots. At 721 Challenge we're honoured to work with a brand which has sustainability at the heart of its product. Not only that, as members of the 1% For the Planet movement, Absolutely Bear gives one percent of annual revenue to their charity partner, Trees for Cities. Together we can work to create a healthier planet and a more sustainable future.

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Equipment Partner

Marloe Watch Company is an independent designer and producer of wristwatches based in Perth, Scotland. The company is built upon two key values, rooted deeply within the founders’ lives; honesty and integrity. Marloe ensure that these values are at the heart of everything they do, and this, paired with a passion for design and tradition, inspires the creation of beautiful watches powered by mechanical movements.

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Equipment Partner

Rowing the Atlantic takes around 1.5 million oar strokes to complete, so Nick and rowing partner James are going to need something to help with their rubs and sores! That's where Leaping Fish come to save the day; they produce natural premium quality skin balms to help prevent blisters and abrasion for a range of sports and outdoor activities, from running and surfing to cycling and hiking. They only use natural ingredients in their balms, including oils, butters and waxes blended with essential oils, and they also have a strong commitment to the environment, avoiding the use of plastics wherever possible.

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Equipment Partner

The 721 team is happy to announce that we have partnered with SIGG who will be helping us with all our hydration needs. SIGG is a Swiss company which champions quality of design in all of their water bottles, which they have been designing and manufacturing since 1908. It's great news for us because our equipment needs to be extremely robust and we're going to get very thirsty!

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Equipment Partner

Range Global are experts in providing satellite communication equipment for challenges and expeditions, and we’re extremely grateful that they will be providing the satellite phone equipment that will be with Nick on his expeditions to both Poles and on his row across the Atlantic.

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Equipment Partner

Nick Hollis is excited to have Nordic Life as an equipment partner for his North Pole expedition. Since 2011 Nordic Life have been providing the best clothing and equipment the Nordic countries have to offer. They equip people for everything from Antarctic expeditions to walks on the South Downs, focussing on working together with their customers to provide the best clothing and equipment for their needs.

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Sustainability Partner

Check out Pawprint, they empowering businesses to fight climate change; Pawprint helps you measure, understand and reduce your carbon footprint. They transform organisations by empowering every employee to contribute towards their sustainability goals.

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Sustainability Partner

We’ve partnered with MusicMagpie! They help people to make money, save money and most importantly reduce eco waste, with their website where you can trade in your unwanted tech.

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Carbon Footprint Partner

Compare Your Footprint is an online carbon calculator and benchmarking tool helping organisations to bring carbon footprinting to the heart of their organisation. Their tool offers easy and cost-effective access to complicated data based extensive experience of helping organisations to measure their carbon footprint. There is no need for costly consultants or specialist knowledge in-house. We are proud to be able to have Compare Your Footprint helping us to measure the carbon footprint of our 721 Challenge.

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Sustainability Partner

Green Element is an Environmental Management Consultancy with over 20 years of experience in sustainability. They offer a range of Environmental Services to all types of organisations from all over the world to help them to work towards a sustainable future. We are proud to have them help us to communicate our message about the impact of climate change and how to reduce our own impact during the 721 Challenge.

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Sustainability Partner

We have a really exciting partnership with Big Clean Switch—the UK's leading green energy comparison site. They have made it their mission to switch every home and business in the UK to clean energy, and for everyone who switches through the 721 Challenge project, they will donate £35 to the World Land Trust conservation charity! Click the link below to find out more:

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Sustainability Partner

Refill Hub is a plastic packaging-free refill shop on wheels based in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, with over 100 products tucked snuggly into the tardis-like Refill Hub van. The face behind Refill Hub is food development professional and nature lover, Natasha Squire. Inspired by her first refill shopping experience whilst living overseas, and in despair at the growing widespread use of single-use packaging – and its devastating impact on the environment – Refill Hub was born.

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Brand Partner

REDBOX Group have been providing ethical and sustainable office supplies, office interiors and print solutions for over 30 years. Their purpose is to make a lasting impact in society and on the environment through the products and services they provide, and they formally commit to donating 20% of profits to charitable causes. For any new clients who quote the code 721challenge, REDBOX Group will donate 20% of profits to the World Land Trust on your behalf.

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Videographer Partner

We’re honoured to have Alex Lawton of Visual Vybe Productions as a partner. Alex is an experienced camera operator, editor and documentary filmmaker who has worked extensively in independent film for over a decade and has produced and filmed a number of award-winning documentaries and short films.

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Finance Partner

Blue Peak have partnered up with us to help us with all things financial. They're a boutique accounting practice committed to providing expert advice and a high quality service to all their clients from individuals through to multinational corporations. They provide a personal service that takes the hassle out of dealing with taxation and accounting obligations.

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Logistics Partner

Hurley Riverside Park have provided us with a safe haven for our precious Atlantic rowboat, and a slipway we can use to launch it! Their family-friendly park sits alongside the River Thames in the picturesque village of Hurley between Henley-on-Thames and Marlow and has been run by four generations of the same family since 1926. With direct access to the River Thames and the Thames Path they are perfect for lovers of the river and walkers alike. Take a look at their website for more info.

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Travel Partner

Go Zero is an electronic taxi service connecting people through sustainable travel. They are extremely passionate about the environment. In fact, that’s why they exist – to help reduce emissions! In addition to using electric cars and charging them with renewable energy, they also contribute and help raise funds for international tree saving projects. We are proud to have Go Zero helping 721 Challenge with travel logistics.

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Copywriting Partner

Pru Gayton has been a copywriter for over 20 years, successfully running her own freelance business, PAC Copywriting, since 2004. She provides a comprehensive range of writing services in a wide variety of sectors, to suit virtually any marketing medium. The copy she produces includes web content, case studies, blogs, articles, newsletters, product sheets, brochures, direct mail, social media campaigns, PR, award entries, white papers, video scripts and she also offers book writing services.

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Employee Movement Partner

We’ve partnered with the incredible team at Total Active Hub. They provide a global platform enabling people to be more physically active, supporting long term health, creating active, engaged communities. Like Nick, Total Active Hub are passionate about the wellbeing of others, and they’re ambitious too – it’s their goal to enable millions of employees to be more physically active. Over the course of 721 Challenge, we’ll be encouraging you to get involved with your own Total Active Hub 721 challenge, an exciting calendar of events which will also enable you to do your own fundraising. Together we can’t wait to get everyone energised through physical exercise

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Want to get involved?

We could always use a helping hand. If you're interested in becoming a part of 721 Challenge please get in touch with us, we want to get as many people involved in climate awareness as possible. Whether you’re interested in fundraising or you'd like to become a partner send us an email.

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Want to get involved?

We could always use a helping hand. If you're interested in 721 Challenge get in touch, we want to get as many people involved in caring for the planet as possible. Whether you want to do some fundraising or you'd like to partner with us talk with us.

Send an email to Nick Hollis