Nick Hollis

"721 is about fighting climate change, it's the challenge of a lifetime."

Nick climbed his first mountain when he was 12 years old. Now he’s an international mountaineer with the goal of a lifetime: to be the fastest man to climb the Seven Summits, reach the North and South Poles and row the Atlantic Ocean. But project 721 is a means to an end; backed by The World Land Trust Nick is putting the environment at the centre of this challenge. Promoting sustainability and working for a green future is his true mission.

"721 is about fighting climate change, it's the challenge of a lifetime."

-  Nick Hollis  -

Seven Summiteer

Nick is no newcomer to the world of challenges. Apart from The 7 Summits Nick has completed 3 Ironman Triathlons and national Kayak races. Achieving a World First with project 721 is his challenge of a lifetime.

Motivational Speaker

Nick holds seminars on business leadership from his experiences working with teams in extreme survival situations. He will be promoting the 721 project through his talks.

Owner of Fitways Adventures

Nick has made adventure his life, and that goes for his working life too. He’s a fully qualified mountain leader and runs expeditions all over the globe through his own adventure company Fitways.

fitways adventures

Wellness Specialist

After battling with personal health issues Nick is determined to have a positive impact on other people’s lives. He runs seminars for companies looking to foster healthier and happier employees.

fitways wellness

The 721 Team

James Wragg

Atlantic Rowing Partner

Sarah Hatch

Marketing Manager

Mick Cronin

Endurance Coach

Lee Carnaby

Strength and Conditioning Coach

George Barnicoat

Paddle Coach

Rowing Boat - Kraken


Rowing Boat

Vicky French

Social Media Strategy


Director of Comms. & Development, World Land Trust

Andrew Clark

IT Consultant & Advisor

Misty Gale

Media Consultant & Events Executive

Steve Howe

721 Advisor


Project Manager

Pru Gayton


Liberty Bollen

Senior Marketing Specialist & Head of Marketing for Compare Your Footprint

Will Richardson

Founder & Managing Director of Green Element & Compare Your Footprint

Alex Brasil

721 Advisor

Gabby Robinson

Wellness Professional

John Baqar

Healthy Nutritious Plant Based Cookery